This page shows to links to listing websites where you can find information about our concerts and the performers.

To buy tickets for our concerts: will take you to a complete listing of Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire Concert Society events where you can buy tickets over the internet at no extra cost to buying them directly from the Society.

The individual links take you website where other information is available.

 All concerts start at 7.30pm
(see below for links to performers’ websites)

13th Oct 2017 Martin James Bartlett (Piano)
10th Nov 2017 Jess Gillam (Saxophone) + Jonathan Fisher (Piano)
8th Dec 2017 Emperor Quartet
12th Jan 2018 Dinara Klinton (Piano)
9th Feb 2018 Nick Morton (Baritone) + Harry Sever (Piano)
9th March 2018 Solarek Piano Trio
13th April 2018 Sheku & Isata Kanneh-Mason (cello & piano)

If you want to know more about the performers follow the links below:

Martin James Bartlett (piano) Martin’s website

Jess Gillam (saxaphone) Jess’s website
Jonathan Fisher (piano) Jonathan’s website

Dinara Klinton (Piano) Dinara’s website

Nick Morton (Baritone) Nick’s website
Harry Sever (Piano) Harry’s website

Solarek Piano Trio website here

Sheku & Isata Kanneh-Mason   Kanneh-Masons’ website
(cello & piano)