Coronavirus precautions

As you will be aware, the British Government is continually reviewing the level of precautions needed to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. As a committee, we too have been reviewing what action we need to take as many of our audience are elderly and are therefore in one of the more vulnerable groups to succumb to this infection.

The committee of Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire Concert Society would therefore respectfully ask that if you have developed a persistent cough recently, have a raised temperature or flu-like symptoms that you do not attend the concert tomorrow evening. Similarly, if you have recently returned from a high-risk area, such as Italy or China, or if you have a visitor to your home who has recently been to one of these high risk areas we would ask you not to come tomorrow.

To provide you with more information about the precautions we will be taking:

We have asked everyone who is kindly helping to serve the refreshments to wash their hands before they do so. This may mean we need a little extra time at the start of the interval.

We will have some signs reminding everyone to wash hands at regular intervals and about the virus precautions generally.

We also intend to wipe door handles in the area we use a couple of times during the evening, as it has recently been reported that the virus can live on surfaces for a considerable period.  

We hope you will agree that these are sensible steps for us to take while keeping things in balance. We don’t want to have artists performing wearing face masks, but we do want an audience enjoying the concert and not feeling anxious about catching this horrid virus at our event as we have not taken any steps to limit the spread of infection.

Many thanks for your understanding,