Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux and Joseph Havlat – 14th January 2022

Charlotte, playing a Giovanni Battista Rogeri violin, becomes transformed when she puts bow to string, creating a rich and full sound from the instrument. She was ably supported by Joseph’s reliable accompaniment.

The Schubert was thoroughly engaging, being full of wonderful melodies that are a joy to listen to. Although once or twice in the pizzicato passages the piano overwhelmed the violin, the overall performance was thrilling.

The extra piece by Ravel, Sonata No.2 in G was an excellent addition to the programme. It started by taking us to the rather ethereal sound world of Ravel and then brought us into the world of the blues. No problems with the pizzicato balance this time and the audience were wowed by this piece.

The Biber Passacaglia, another ‘extra’ added to the programme was a real delight and a showstopper with the brilliant solo performance by Charlotte. A sort of blend of baroque and flamenco.  

Amy Beach has been little known until recently when her music has found favour alongside the realisation that composers don’t all have to be male. What was there not to like in the performance of her Romance in C? Delightful!

The Poulenc was breathtaking.  Such drama and the fluid dynamics and style kept us on the edge of our seats. A virtuoso performance by both musicians who seemed increasingly in tune with each other as the concert proceeded.

The concert was rounded off by a lovely encore; Estrellita (Little Star) by Ponce, arranged by Heifetz. A great piece to end on.

Review by John Pearson

Images by Marian Pearson